Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still Cold in the Shade

The snow from our little storm a day ago is still melting but is gone for the most partbut it can’t disappear anytime too soon for me.  I look forward so much to having our potted garden growing various things…no not pot rather it will be vegetables instead of flowers this year.  I want to sit at the table, enjoy the breeze and read with a cup of something nice for now the table only holds the remnants of melting snow.  Today the sky looks inviting…I’d call it a sapphire with cotton sky.  Ice or remnants of snow cling to the shadows to survive the warming temperatures but it can’t hang on much longer…as of tomorrow we hit the sixties and I’ve got to say I’m way ready! 


I do this next part for Carole…God bless ya girl, you continue to be a blessing…thanks for being you!


A. I'm supposed to describe myself in seven words but I will use sentences. 

1.   I'm a family man and love being with my family more than just about anything in the world.

2. I'm a passionate world traveller and like nothing better than seeing the world and meeting people and experiencing other cultures and food.

3.  I love a lot of music but there's very little in the way of country music that I's just not my thing and never will be.

4.  I've loved photography for some time though I'm far from a profession...I just love to take pictures and share them.

5.  I play guitar though I wouldn't describe myself as some kind of expert...I just love to play.

6.  I'm a person who needs a cause higher than myself to believe in and fight for.

7.  I truly love God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength.

B. Describe what keeps you up at night.

Concern for my children because of the direction of our country which I feel is really off track.

C.  What Would You Like to Be?

Pleasing to God.

D. What Are You Wearing?

Jogging pants, a light longsleeve t-shirt and a light fleece jacket (just got home from my walk).

E. What is Best and Worst of Blogging?

Knowing people I'd otherwise never know or meet yet it can often degrade to nothing but forwarding and things that don't really have much heart...I also believe it's becoming and dying art.

F.  Slankets or Not?

My family and I laugh about this and tease each other it will be the next gift for Christmas or a what do you think?

G. What Scares You?

Failing God and/or family.

About the person who tagged me.  Carole...dear Rambling On, Sis from another mom & dad, confidant...knowing more about me than many, true friend and like me in spirit and in so many ways...if you don't know should!


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