Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lipstick dress up and make up Fashion trends 2012

Lipstick dress up and make up Fashion trends 2012

  Why I Love Them:

That junkie make-up, like good lipstick for bold, polished appearance. But let's be realistic: I am at the University. I got a job! I have a job, a full load of classes, have speculated on the side and run their own YouTube channel and blog. Needless to say I have a lot going on and a lipstick is not the easiest thing, takes out and applies on the road, especially in the case that it's bold colors — you can tell the mess?



Revlon Lip Butters below 20 shades, which makes it easy to find your perfect color. My personal favorite is the sweet cake, light pink gum (the second shade from the top to the left, above). Here is the list of all shades, so that they can find their favorites:

Tutti Frutti – A beautiful coral shade that’s perfect for spring.
Cupcake – A light pink with a blue-base.
Cotton Candy – A very pale pink with a hint of gold.
Gumdrop – A lilac shade with a slight shimmer.
Berry Smoothie – A medium pink with hints of purple – very wearable.
Cherry Tart – A sheer red, perfect for those days you want to be a little daring.
Lollipop – A bold fuchsia shade
Strawberry Shortcake – A medium-toned pink – very wearable.
Creme Brulee – A light tan shade.
Peach Parfait – A peach shade with a little hint of gold.
Pink Truffle – A browned rose shade.
Red Velvet – A smooth brick red.
Sugar Plum – Similar to Berry Smoothie, but more of a plum shade.
Creamsicle – A very pale, creamy tan shade.
Brown Sugar – A soft pinkish brown.
Fig Jam – A rich dark brown.
Sugar Frosting – Pale, beige-y pink with shimmer.
Candy Apple – A bright red with hints of orange.
Raspberry Pie – An opaque magenta color.




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