Friday, March 2, 2012

Leaping to March

I think I leapt so fast that I totally missed my blog yesterday!  I just couldn’t get myself out and inspired to take photos yesterday and honestly even today it was a trial.  We’re supposed to have a big warm up…sixties actually, but it’s not here yet.  Today the winds are bitter and cold and walking against it is really miserable. I finally measured my walk with a pedometer app on my i-touch…I extended my walk so it’s nearly 4 miles now.  I start near a pond where the city put in a windmill for some reason.  It was really moving!  The bright sun belies the cold out there.  I often am amazed at the difference between the wind that we are experiencing versus the upper atmosphere that allows for cotton ball clouds like these.  What has amazed me this year is the variety of pictures and weather conditions people have talked about.  There’s everything from full bloom daffodils to several inches of snow…with extremes like that it’s a small wonder there’s tornadoes now.  We are somewhere between…mild for winter yet it’s nothing like spring…nothing much in the bird department just yet .  By the time I was heading back home the sun was having quite a struggle to show its shiny face.  The Canadian Geese have been hanging out in the golf course in this area quite a bit lately.  Most of them fly from one end of the area to the next in “V” formation but never seem to go far though there are times when our winter is very bitter indeed.  All the cool Geese hang out here near another windmill.  Finally only a couple of blocks from our house I gazed at the magical lighting in the big sky that I know and love so well.  Soon the season of storms will arrive…I wonder just how wild it will be for us this year.

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