Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet Your Freshmen 2009-2010: Carl Nielson

How long has it been since I've posted in the Tech Hockey Blog and NOT used the word "busy?" Probably a while. Another word I'd like to add to the mix is "lazy." However, thanks to Yager's consistent nagging, I'll put up an interview. Oy... I've only done 3 this year! And this season is half over... Maybe I will do a "Meet Your Sophomores" feature next year? :)

For now, let's meet Carl Nielson, shall we? Keep in mind this interview was done and turned into me on October 14, 2009... heh.. heh...

Number: 25
Position: Defense
Hometown: Amherst, Ohio
Last Team: Mahoning Valley (NAHL)

THB: Let's begin with the fact that you're from Ohio. Does this make you an Ohio State fan?

Carl Nielson (CN): At one point yes. Not so much any more. [Good. Hopefully they're teaching you things like "GO BLUE!" at Michigan Tech.]

THB: Why did you decide to come to Michigan Tech?

CN: I wanted to keep playing hockey. Tech gave me that opportunity.

THB: What is your favorite Husky jersey?

CN: Personally, I like the black ones.

THB: Which team are you most excited to beat this season?

CN: NMU, and well, every team in the WCHA. [I'm glad we got to see a Husky over NMU victory this year!]

THB: Are you playing against any of your former teammates this year? If so, who are they and where do they play?

CN: Nope, no old teammates. [Hmm... rare.]

THB: Recite your favorite movie quote... and just in case, tell me what movie it's from.

CN: "You hit that guy! Shouldn't have been standing there." -Happy Gilmore.

THB: Do you know the words to O Canada?

CN: Most of it. [It's a damn good song.]

THB: What is your favorite NHL team?

CN: Don't really have a favorite team. Not a big Penguins fan though. [You should start being one! At least whenever Chris Conner is up and playing with them. In fact, he scored his first goal with the Penguins today! He used to wear your number.]

THB: Where is your favorite spot to relax?

CN: My bed.

THB: What are your hockey goals after Michigan Tech?

CN: Hopefully play pro hockey.

THB: Which older Husky player on the team is your mentor?

CN: I don't really have one mentor. I try to learn a little bit from all the older guys.

THB: Tell me what you know about Mitch's Misfits.

CN: Not much except they are loud and have some amusing chants. [Not bad... I hope you know more about them now than you did back then!]

THB: Who are you rooming with this year? Tell me something fun about your roommate!

CN: I'm living in a house with Jordan Baker, Seth Soley, and Drew Dobson. [You forgot the "tell me something fun" about them part. :P]

THB: What do you think of Kyle Bangen? Does he work you hard on the skating treadmill?

CN: Kyle's a good guy and yes unfortunately he works us on the treadmill.

THB: Do you look both ways before crossing the road?

CN: I try to. [You know, Carl... you could teach Ricky Dorriott a thing or two. :))

THB: What piece do you like to be when you play Monopoly?

CN: Battleship.

THB: Are you going to fight a lot this season? Do you take requests for people to pound?

CN: Oh I wish I could. We'll see how games turn out; we might get one. And yes I will be taking requests. [Yes!! I know I'm a little late with this one, but the next time you see Kevin Clark (UAA), make sure you take care of business. ALSO! This weekend, look for Kurt Davis for the Mavericks. I know I'm asking you to beat up on the little guys, but these two particular individuals deserve it the most. Kurt Davis could very well be the biggest piece of crap that plays Division I college hockey. He deserves to have his head beat in. Thanks, you're the best!]

THB: Paper or plastic?

CN: Plastic.

THB: What's your favorite class at Michigan Tech so far?

CN: Umm, none? I guess if I had to chose one, it would be Prospectives class... it's only once a week. [That's a good one. Did you get the History of Hockey one? I had Human Sexuality. Perspectives was fun!]

THB: What would you like to say to all of the Michigan Tech faithful?

CN: I'm glad to be here in Houghton. Get ready for a much better season this year.