Thursday, October 29, 2009

Twitch Boy's Weekend in Colorado Springs

Well, here it is Thursday. I have a special treat for all of the THB readers! Michigan Tech alumnus and creative mastermind best known as "Twitch Boy" agreed to write a recap of his weekend. He is employed in Wyoming and he made the drive to Colorado Springs last weekend. Here was his experience:

Twitch Boy Attends a Puckkake Session in Colorado Springs
by Twitch Boy

Hi. I'm Twitch Boy. You may know me as that really loud guy with a clarinet who wears a hot dog on his head. I was the first person with enough geek cred to make a giant sign that says “pwn3d” and wave it around whenever Tech scored.

Somehow, through some miracle, I managed to escape Houghton with a degree and at least a portion of my sanity, and in my attempts to GTFO made several wrong turns and eventually gave up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Naturally, I was keen to make the 3-hour journey down when I found that Tech was visiting CC, and some short girl who probably has a restraining order against her from the whole SCSU team started biting my ankles and asking me to write about my experiences. Seeing as how it's this or kill my brain with more Geometry Wars, here we go!

The ride down was uneventful, except when I hit Denver. It's 1:30 in the afternoon. The left lane is stopped. That's right, the fast lane. The lane meant for passing slower traffic to the right. That's Denver's response to anything unorthodox happening on I-25: stop. Massive accident on the side, stop. Someone merging on, stop. No reason at all, stop. A Denver driver wouldn't last 30 seconds in Detroit. And they love to congregate around trucks doing 60 and block traffic.

Pre-game. Don't mock my crappy cell phone camera

This is the place to hit in C-Springs. Just down the street from the Broadmoor Hotel, the Golden Bee is an English pub. Not a recreation of one, an actual English pub disassembled and shipped piece by piece over here. Upon sitting down, your server greets you by presenting you with a cool embroidered bee sticker as a souvenir of your visit – by tossing it so it sticks to your shirt.

...get your mind out of the gutter.

What they don't tell you is that the bee clings to dazzle cloth like a CS major clings to his 1-terabyte server of anime pr0n. If you get one on your jersey, forget it. It's there for life. I sadly wasn't able to visit in the evening and see the ragtime piano player. I wonder if he knows Journey. He better.

With that said and done, it was game time. I really wished it wouldn't have been. Yes, we have no penalty kill. 3 PPG for C
C, 2 of them within ten seconds of the power play starting. I think we know what we need to work on in practice.

FINAL: 4-1 CC.

The next morning, I then proceeded to make the single biggest mistake of the trip.
Some forklift jockey who is a Minny fan despite attending UMD recommended I check out the arcade in nearby Manitou Springs. I'm a Techie, I loves me some video games, this is a slam-dunk, right? I pull into Manitou Springs and it is a zoo. Apparently there is some kind of Halloween festival in town. People are everywhere, and Main Street is blocked off because they're running coffins down the street or something. I tried two pay lots, which turned out to be full, wasting me a good ten bucks total.

After finally finding what I thought was a parking spot, I went in to get my pinball on. Overall, the arcade wasn't terrible, though I've seen bigger and better. Some of the machines were in questionable shape, as I discovered upon plunking 50 cents into Lord of the Rings pinball to discover the left flipper didn't work.

I think this game was my favorite:

That's right, tSBFitW was in the parlor game business for a while.

After blowing a good $20 in quarters, I return to my car and there's a parking ticket, despite me being parked in a completely legal spot in front of a store. Squee.

Game number two. Holy crap, Tech showed up. They scored 4 goals within five minutes of each other in the second period. They're up 4-2 on CC. Even the Other Siders are going bonkers. I even got to bust out the “high school goalie” chant.

And then the PK happened.


4-3 Tech.


4-4 all.


5-4 CC.

Kivisto gets bounced for CFB.

6-4 CC.


7-4 CC.

My final thoughts on this game: bukkake. Bukkake bukkake bukkake bukkake bukkake. And finally, bukkake. (That oughta cause some interesting Google results.)

FINAL: 8-5 CC.

What worries me the most about that big ocho underneath CC's name? Tech's wins recently have usually come in the same manner: take a 2-goal or so lead by hook or by crook, then go into lockdown mode, sit on the lead, and drive Boosh insane. That's not happening now. This does not bode well.

One more thing I learned on my way back: if you are ever on I-25 north through Colorado and need to make a gas/food stop, DO NOT PICK EXIT 161. It's a maze. Total time to fill up, order a 10-piece McNugget, and get back on the expressway: 45 minutes.

In summary, there's a bee stuck to my weiner, I got a parking ticket, Tech went splat, and I probably caught swine flu from being around the crowds of crotchfruits dressed as Bella Swan at the arcade and just don't know it yet. FML.

I have no idea what else to talk about, so here's a YouTube video of Japanese Ronald McDonald dancing around like an idiot:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet Your Freshmen 2009-2010: Anthony Schooley

Next up in the slow process of Meet Your Freshmen 2009-2010, I have for you Anthony Schooley. For as long as I can remember, it seems that Schooley had been a recruit. It seems that we've had to wait years and years for him (kind of like the waiting period between each of my blog posts). Well, we will wait no more! He's here... Schooley's in session!

Number: 14
Position: Wing
Hometown: Gaylord, MI
Last Team: St. Louis (NAHL)

THB: Why did you choose Michigan Tech?
Anthony Schooley (AS): It was in my home state and they were the college that was most interested in me. [It's nice to have some Michiganders on the team!]

THB: How long did you know you wanted to go to Michigan Tech?
AS: I really didn't know until they started recruiting me. [They must've done a great job selling Tech. A lot of guys don't like to go there because of the girl situation.]

THB: What's your favorite type of music?

AS: Pop. [Not a bad choice. You've got a few of your teammates beat.]

THB: Who is your biggest influence in hockey?
AS: My father.

THB: Tell me about your best moment in hockey so far in your career.
AS: Scoring a penalty shot goal in a national championship game. [Let's see if you can repeat that this season, eh?]

THB: What is your major at Michigan Tech?
AS: Business Management.

THB: What's your favorite form of precipitation?
AS: Snow. [You came to the right place!!]

THB: Were you happy when the Lions broke their long losing streak? Were you secretly disappointed?
AS: Extremely happy. [Oh, I suppose... but it's kind of sad having that long streak end. That was pretty cool.]

THB: I have two coins totaling fifteen cents. One is not a dime. What coins do I have?
AS: A dime and a nickel. [A+ for you, Anthony!]

THB: Be honest, how many times have you heard that previous question?
AS: Never heard it until I told my roommate the question but he had heard it before. [Ah hah, we have a cheater. You get an F now.]

THB: If I send out all the freshmen surveys to you guys at the same time, who will be the last to return their survey to me?
S: Witter. [Good try. He was the second one to return it to me though. There are a couple of guys who have not yet returned it........]

THB: What road trip are you most looking forward to?
AS: North Dakota. [You must have heard about the Red Pepper? It's really the only reason to go to Grand Forks.]

THB: What older Husky is your role model/mentor?
AS: Olson. [Excellent choice. He will serve you well as your role model!]

THB: Michigan or Michigan State?
AS: Michigan. [I like you. I like you a lot!]

THB: What can you tell me about Mitch's Misfits?
AS: No clue. [I'm sure if I asked you now, you could tell me plenty!]

THB: How did you enjoy the Ripley Run? Tell me a little bit about it.
AS: Haha, it was pretty tough but great team bonding.

THB: Does the energy and noise level of the crowd affect the way you play?
AS: Yes, very. [Mitch's Misfits will keep that in mind this season!]

THB: What kind of toothpaste do you use?
AS: Crest. [Great choice! Herbal Mint for the win!]

THB: Where is your favorite place to eat in the Houghton/Hancock area?
AS: Anywhere but the dorms. [FALSE, as Dwight Schrutte would say. Dorm food is GREAT! :)]

THB: What would you like to tell all the Michigan Tech fans that will be supporting the team all season long?
AS: We are going to have a great season and always cheer as loud as you can!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Meet Your Freshmen 2009-2010: Kevin Genoe

Sorry for the long delay between these posts. The busyness never ends! But I cannot deprive my fellow Tech fans for of meeting a new freshman for another day!

Kevin Genoe is new guy between the pipes. Coach Russell gave him the nod against LSSU. Kevin had 29 saves on 32 shots that he faced, which is good for a .906 save%, not too shabby!

Number: 35
Position: Goalie
Hometown: Qualicum, BC
Last Team: Prince George (BCHL)

THB: When did you know that you wanted to be a goalie?

Kevin Genoe (KG): I knew I wanted to be a goalie since I was eleven years old.

THB: When did you know that Michigan Tech was the place for you?
KG: I knew Michigan Tech was the place for me after I had ly visit. [You and me both! Once you make your first visit to Tech, you know exactly where you want to be.]

THB: What do you think of your teammates so far? Are you ready for lifelong brotherhood with them?
KG: I think my teammates so far are great guys; hard working and dedicated. I am definitely ready for the lifelong brotherhood with them. There are a lot of fun guys in the locker room and hopefully we will remain close long after our time at Tech ends.

THB: When was the first time you were dressed in full goalie equipment?
KG: The first time I was dressed in full goalie equipment was when I was eleven years old.

THB: Do you ski?
KG: No, I have never tried, too risky for me.

THB: Do you look both ways before crossing the road?
KG: I probably look both ways three or four times. [You could teach Ricky Doriott a thing or two. :)]

THB: Are you familiar with Mitch's Misfits? Can you tell me anything about them?
KG: Unfortunately I am not very familiar with Mitch's Misfits. [You best familiarize yourself with them! Trust me, you'll learn to love them.]

THB: What are your favorite television shows?
KG: My favorite TV shows would be The Hills, Two and a Half Men, and Fantasy Factory. [I've heard of one of those!]

THB: Even though you're not very far into it yet, what's your favorite part about being a Michigan Tech hockey player?
KG: My favorite part about being a Michigan Tech hockey player is when we go on the ice before a game and our crowd is so loud that we can't hear our own thoughts. [Remember those "Mitch's Misfits" that you claimed to not know much about? I think they're behind that. :)]

THB: Who is the craziest guy on the team?
KG: The craziest guy on the team would be Seth [Soley].

THB: Can you juggle?
KG: Yes. [You are my first yes!! You'll have to show my sometime!]

THB: What is your favorite piece of goalie equipment? Why?
KG: My favorite piece would be my glove, because when the puck is in my glove I have total control of the game.

THB: Do you get nervous before games?
KG: Nervous no, I get anxious to get going.

THB: Are they working you hard at Tech?
KG: Yup I am working hard here at Tech.

THB: Paper or plastic?
KG: Plastic

THB: Are you a person who will break out into movie quotes randomly or if the situation calls for it?
KG: No. [That is unfortunate! You should try it sometime. It's fun.]

THB: Where is your favorite place to go out to eat in Houghton?
KG: The Library.

THB: Who is your all-time favorite hockey goaltender?
KG: Patrick Roy.

THB: What kind of music do you like?
KG: Everything but mostly country. [Oh, Kevie! You're killing me here!]

THB: Is there anything you'd like to say to all of the Michigan Tech fans out there?
KG: Thanks for the support and Husky fans are the greatest!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Your Freshmen 2009-2010: Aaron Pietila

And finally! It's that time of year again! Actually, I normally do this in August, but I've been fairly busy this year. Lots of new freshmen for you Tech fans (and other faithful THB readers) to get to know! But I'd like to start with Aaron Pietila.

Let it be known that Aaron was the first of the guys to get back to me! Also, Aaron got the game winning goal at our exhibition game against Ryerson and has his first collegiate point against NMU.

Well, let's get on with it, shall we?

Number: 13
Position: Wing
Hometown: Brighton, MI
Last Team: Marquette (NAHL)

Tech Hockey Blog (THB): Pietila, eh? Any relation to former Michigan Tech Husky Phil Pietila?
Aaron Pietila (AP): Yep, Phil's my first cousin.

THB: Why did you choose Michigan Tech for your education and to continue your hockey career?
AP: I've always wanted to play for Tech ever since I was young. I have a lot of family and friends from the area.

THB: Who are your biggest influences?
AP: I would have to say my dad.

THB: Another question about relatives. Michigan Tech has had a few poeple from the Brighton area in the past few years who have all been related. Being from Brighton, are you any relation to them?
AP: Yeah, I have some counsins and a brother who go to Tech from down there.

THB: What size skate do you wear?
AP: Left 7.5, right 6.5.

THB: Where is your favorite place to spend your time in Houghton?
AP: On the water. [Ah, great answer. Houghton is a good place for that! Just wait until you turn 21 though. That answer may change!]

THB: Tell me about the best moment in your hockey career thus far.
AP: Scoring my first college goal last weekend versus Ryerson. [I think you're off to a great start so far! This best moment will soon be replaced with something even better if it hasn't already been.]

THB: Are you going to playing against any of your former teammates this season? If so, who are they and where do they play now?
AP: I played with my cousin Chad Pietila last season who is playing for Northern this season. [You and Phil are obviously the smarter hockey players in your family!]

THB: What's your major at Michigan Tech?
AP: Marketing.

THB: What other sports besides hockey do you enjoy?
AP: Golf and baseball. [I smell a Tigers fan!! Woot!]

THB: Michigan or Michigan State?
AP: Neither. [Well, the good news is that you're not a Michigan State fan. The bad news? You're not a Michigan fan either. What would Dwight Helminen (who is most likely your cousin, no?) say?]

THB: What do you think of the skating treadmill?
AP: Probably my least favorite thing to do. [I think that's a good thing! I think it means that it's working!]

THB: Who is your roommate this year? Tell me a fun fact about him.
AP: My brother. [He] will be graduating this semester. [That isn't a fun fact! It's a sad one. Leaving Michigan Tech is not easy.]

THB: How is the dorm food treating you?
AP: I live off campus, but I do eat there with the guys often. I think it's pretty good. [I'm going to have to agree. Michigan Tech has some damn good dorm food!]

THB: What series are you most looking forward to this season?
AP: Northern. [Good call. Beat up your cousin for being so silly.]

THB: How do you feel about BSU and UNO joining the WCHA next season?
AP: Should be a nice addition. Both [are] good programs. [Disagree and disagree. :)]

THB: Has your family bought their tickets to the Frozen Four this year?
AP: Of course. [Excellent! Maybe I will see them there.]

THB: What is your personal goal on the ice this season?
AP: Just to play every game and contribute any way I can.

THB: Do you look both ways before crossing the road?
AP: Usually.

THB: What do you want to say to all the Michigan Tech fans out there?
AP: Thanks for allt he support! That first game was pretty cool playing in front of a full house.

Thanks for taking the time to talk, Aaron! Oh, and if I ever call you Phil, I'm sorry in advance.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PACK YOUR BAGS! You're going to...... DULUTH?!

Freshmen interviews are coming soon, I promise! But right now I want to make a Tech Hockey Blog entry directed to MITCH'S MISFITS.

Due to the Tech @ NMU series falling on Christmas vacation, Mitch's Misfits president Scott Yager will instead be going all out this year for the UMD trip! The previous record of Misfits brought to UMD is only a mere 34. Yager will be shooting for SIXTY this year!

Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14... MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Here's a rough itinerary of what to expect:

Friday throughout the day: Tech vans leaving at different times to accommodate different schedules.
Friday 8:00 Eastern: GAME TIME; cheer Huskies to victory
Friday after game: Hotel/food/Duluth shenanigans
Saturday during the day: Duluth shenanigans

Saturday 8:00 Eastern: GAME TIME; cheer Huskies to sweep
Saturday post-game: Head back to Houghton

Pretty simple... and it's a great time too!! And if you're wondering how much it'll cost, wonder no more, because I'm about to tell you!
$24 + food. $24 is the cost of two game tickets. So by my math, that would mean that transportation and hotel are both free! They're provided by Mitch's Misfits.

Is there a reason to NOT go? No. Only if you're dumb, to be honest. So don't be dumb. There are two ways to be dumb: (1) not emailing Yager ( to reserve your tickets and spot on the trip and (2) waiting too long to email Yager only to find out that all sixty spots are taken.

Please come along and be a part of the next post-victory picture:

After the game on February 4, 2005. Michigan Tech won in OVERTIME and you're looking at a huge reason why. The next night, Michigan Tech completed the SWEEP!

This picture was taken after Michigan Tech completed the SWEEP of the Bulldogs for TWO YEARS RUNNING at the DECC on January 14, 2006.

Now why wouldn't you want to be a part of that?? The players, coaching staff and hockey parents talked about it for weeks after. The Misfits were KEY in sweeping the Bulldogs. We were SO LOUD that entire weekend and it made a huge difference and definitely got the guys going.

And on a personal note, I have been on a TON of hockey road trips supporting the Huskies. I've seen them play in every WCHA arena, along with many other places. With all of those road trips under my belt (an estimated THIRTY-TWO trips, plus three random Frozen Four trips), the UMD trips are right up at the top for the most fun. Hopefully after this series, you can all say the same.


NMU Game Recap/Scoring Roundup

F2B&G here. So as everyone knows by now, the Huskies got the year off to a good start with a 5-3 victory over rival Northern Michigan.

In an effort to further my hockey knowledge, I'm going to try something new this year (new for me anyway) and give a play-by-play of how each goal was scored. These reports will be based on what I am seeing/hearing via the Huskies Live feed and may not be 100% accurate, but should give readers the gist of the action.

First Period

NMU-1: Fernandez kept the puck in the Tech zone after Doriott sent the puck around behind the net, and passed up the boards to Olver. Olver weaved around a defender to the top of the right circle, and found Gustafsson wide open at the top of the left circle, madly tapping his stick for a pass. Olver quickly made the pass, and Gustafsson moved in and wristed the puck low stick-side past Robinson, who was at least partially screened by his own defender. Gustafsson (1) from Olver (1) & Fernandez (1). 7:26, 1st period. 1-0 NMU.

MTU-1: Pietila entered the NMU zone and fired an easy shot on Stewart, who made the save and pushed the rebound to the corner. A poor passing attempt allowed Pietila to get the puck back, so he darted behind the goal and attempted the wraparound, but Stewart was up to task. The puck drifted to the left boards, where Olson battled for and won it, skating back behind the net and tried to pass to the front while under pressure. A crazy deflection caught Stewart by surprise as the puck skittered five-hole, bounced off his right pad, and slipped into the net. A sievetastic goal by the drama queen. Olson (1) from Pietila (1). 9:18, 1st period. 1-1.

MTU-2: With NMU's Kaunisto and Fernandez off for interference and tripping respectively, and Tech's Gwilliam also off for interference, the Huskies had a 4x3 power play opportunity. They did a good job of maintaining possession and shooting. Olson moved the puck out of the right corner to Seigo, who was waiting in the high slot and one-timed it on net. Two NMU defenders went down to block, but the puck squirted loose, bouncing directly into the low slot right in front of the crease. Baker pounced on the opportunity to clean up the trash and backhanded the puck past a butterflied Stewart's stick-side, off the post and in, before he could react. Baker (1) from Seigo (1) and Olson (1). 13:36, 1st period. PPG. 2-1 MTU.

MTU-3: Doriott forced a turnover in the neutral zone and attempted to pass up the left boards. Gwilliam pinned Fernandez to the boards long enough for Olson to pick up the loose puck. He skated into the NMU zone 2-on-1 with MacLeod, but recognized there was no time to setup a passing play, moved in, and blasted a quick shot past Stewart to the low stick-side. Olson (2) from Gwilliam (1) and Doriott (1). 17:42, 1st period. 3-1 MTU.

NMU-2: An awkward rebound off the post forced MTU's Kattelus to trip an NMU player in the low slot, sending him to the box for an NMU power play. The Wildcats won the ensuing draw and worked the puck around the perimeter briefly. Butcher passed out of the right corner and up the boards to Hanson, who moved into the right circle and fired a wrister just under Robinson's glove on the short side. Hanson (1) from Butcher (1) and Gustafsson (1). PPG. 19:45, 1st period. 3-2 MTU.

Second Period

No scoring

Third Period

MTU-4: Tech began the third period with 1:48 of power play time after NMU's Cherniwchan was whistled for hooking near the end of the second. After a minute or so of Tech's usual coffee break, Cousens and Seigo worked the puck back and forth between them a couple of times, then Seigo passed to Olson in the left circle. Olson one-timed the puck high glove-side on Stewart, who was partially screened on the play and a bit overcommitted, positionally-speaking. Olson (3) from Seigo (2) and Cousens (1). PPG, HTG, GWG. 1:10, 3rd period. 4-2 MTU.

MTU-5: NMU's Follmer went off for interference at 12:58. Seigo worked the puck to Olson at the left circle, who passed to Gwilliam waiting down low near the left side of the net. Gwilliam started to switch places with Olson, but ended Stewart's night when he quickly spun around and fired the puck through the tired/lazy drama queen's gaping five-hole. Gwilliam (1) from Olson (2) and Seigo (3). PPG. 14:12, 3rd period. 5-2 MTU.

NMU-3: Kyle elected to pull backup goalie Reid Ellingson for the extra attacker with 4:22 to play. Tech's Gwilliam took a holding penalty at 16:53 (3:07 to play). NMU worked the puck back to the blueline, where Cherniwchan made a pass to Spady, who moved in towards the right circle and fired a slapshot. The shot went wide to the right, but unfortunately caromed off the end wall and quickly popped out in front and to Robinson's exposed right, where Nugent seized the opportunity and buried it. Nugent (1) from Spady (1) and Cherniwchan (1). EAG, PPG. 18:12, 3rd period. 5-3 MTU.




University Recap
Mining-Gazette Recap


I will have a similar post for the LSSU game within the next day or two. Michigan Tech already has its first bye weekend of the season, so naturally there will be no analysis of the upcoming weekend's series. The Huskies will make their first roadtrip of the season to take on the Colorado College Tigers at the World Arena in Colorado Springs, October 23/24.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting Things Started the RIGHT Way!

Five to three. FIVE TO THREE. Tech scored FIVE goals in ONE game. This is definitely a great way to start the season!! It's great to be 3-0 against NMU in the last three games. :)

BRETT OLSON HATTY. I'm especially liking that, as Brett is on my WCHA Fantasy Hockey team. Hopefully he keeps this good stuff up!

Ahh, what else? Oh, Lake Superior State tonight. Let's take this great start to the season even further!

For those of you wondering WHERE the freshmen interviews are, they will start rolling in soon! I'm waiting for a couple more responses, but I can start getting them prepared for posting. What I will say right now is... Evan Witt for the win so far!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's This?! A Post?!!

Yes, a post. But don't get too excited just yet. It's just me to tell you that I haven't died or abandoned the Tech Hockey Blog. Been a busy offseason though!

So I bet you're all wondering where the freshman interviews are. I can tell you that I have completed the questions for each of our eight freshmen. I'm currently just waiting on contact information for them. So it might be a while, BUT THEY WILL COME!

Almost time for the season to begin. Exhibition play starts this weekend. Has anyone heard of Ryerson before seeing them on the schedule? I haven't. I'm hoping for better exhibition results than we had last year... Captain Gwilliam will lead the way!

Let's go TECH!