Friday, July 30, 2010

Desert Willow Lei

Desert Willow Flower
1 (2)  1 (3)
1 (5)
heart lei2

When I walked out to our backyard this morning with two cats in tow - I certainly didn’t think I’d be making a lei. But I noticed all the desert willow flowers on the ground under our tree. The tree bloomed wonderfully this year and the flowers smell fantastic. Bees and butterflies are very attracted to it. I came in the house in search of some fishing wire to string the flowers on. As I was picking the flowers up off the ground I could hear the dust cropper (airplane) in the background. He was dusting the corn field just behind our property. Of course I had to run back in the house and get my camera to get pictures of it but that’s another post. Today, I’m simply sharing my pretty pink lei with you.  :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yes.. I know this blog should be about wicked offsets..

But..... this is still one hell of a car.. anyways.. Yoong is already on his way hunting for wheels for this baby.. but.. meantime.. he's pretty busy with his v8 powered R32.. For the Malaysian readers.. I'm sorry to post this up, I know you guys are sick of looking at his car (Yes, its everywhere..) But everytime I see, I still spend a moment in awe.. Oh by the way, he did 2:31 at Sepang with the sr20det.. which is an amazing figure if you guys know what the usual Sepang track timing should look like.. LOL.. Congratulations my man.. I still need that taxi ride.. perhaps Time To Attack 3.0? :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yellow Fairy Slippers

It’s as if little faries with long legs and wearing yellow slippers have dived head first into the flower …

Pink Bo Peep

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

What an Exhilarating Experience!

On my way home from Willcox yesterday I thought I'd pull off on the side of the road and check out the hawks nest again. I was pretty sure I had missed my chance of seeing any babies since the last time I stopped (I blogged about it) and saw the mom on the nest was on June 18th. A little over a month ago. But just as I was pulling off the side of the road I could see a small head in the nest! I couldn't believe it! The dead tree that the nest is on is about about 20 yards from the road and behind a barb-wired fence. Depending on your stride that's about 20 or 25 steps away, Just far enough away to not get the good clear pictures I would like to have. As I was taking pictures of the baby I saw the momma hawk fly in from the corner of my eye. I'm sure she had me pegged the minute I pulled the truck off the road. I took pictures of her and the baby both .. wishing like heck I had a better telephoto lens. Or a boom on the back of my truck with a bucket on it to lift me up closer to the nest! Seriously Pat, how much will that set us back?

After about 10 minutes I pulled the truck up a little to get more pictures of the momma from her front side. She allowed me to continue taking pictures for just a few seconds more and then decided I over-stayed my welcome. As she flew off her perch I didn't think anything of it until I realized she was headed straight for me! First picture below. She let out a loud screech and a split second later I almost tumbled to the ground trying to get the hell out of her way! I could literally feel the wind from her wings! I kept firing the camera. She dive-bombed me 3 times. All of the pictures of her in the air are just after her dive-bombs. After the third time my nerves were pretty rattled and I knew she was stressing about the safety of her baby .. so I left. But oh man! What an exhilarating experience that was!

Click on photos to BIGIFY.

Dive Bomb2




*Side Note – I only saw the one chick and the one adult hawk. I don’t know if there were other chicks or not, or if perhaps the others had already fledged? I’ve read that the mother stays at the nest even after the chicks arrive and that the dad is the one that brings food to all of them. I only saw the one adult hawk and thank gawd! Two of them may have very well taking my butt down!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black Eyed Susan

Bought myself some Black Eyed Susan while in Walmart yesterday. And a large pot to put them in.  Don’t they put a smile on your face?

I’ve had some of the solid black bumble bees for a while now but haven’t seen many of the yellow and black ones. Notice the bee tongue in the bottom photo going into the flower. I don’t have a Macro Lens but can’t wait to get my hands on one! So I can get better up close pictures.

When I took this photo one of the birds had already fledged the nest. I climbed the ladder to get a picture of the last two before they took flight. They didn’t look none to happy to see my camera in their face so I backed off after a firing a couple shots. Mom, Dad and all three babies are still alive and here in our yard.  :)

Click on the photos to BIGIFY. I Googled and was surprised to see that’s actually a word! lol.

I ♥ NZ

Adam, Joel & Shaun - Hampton Downs - July 2010 from Taupaki Productions on Vimeo.

Andy's 180SX STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Details as follow:
License Plate - WCU 32
Car last seen in KL Jalan Duta area

If the list of mods can help the find (if they try to sell it seperately), here they are:

Type X 97 seats
Type X Rear lights & Spoiler
Defi Boost, oil press, oil temp, water temp
Greddy boost controller
Nardi torino steering

Bright orange rocker cover
Tomei rocker arm stopper
GT-RS w/ HKS Actuator
Low mount exhaust manifold with Ceramico coat
Apexi Power FC

KTS pillowball tie rod end
Tein castor rod
Nismo front and back strut
Battery located at boot
nissan 4 pot front, 2 pot rear

You can call Francis at 016 312 5345. Any info is very much appreciated.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hesitated about lowering your car?

Not exactly in the best mood now.. Stuck at home with nothing to do with my last 3 cigarettes in a packet which I took out from the dustbin (In the process of quitting smoking).. So I decided to take myself away to Driftneyland. I found just about the perfect pictures to portrait slamming your drift cars. Hope this short write up would do you some good than harm

When I tell others about lowering cars, there's always a common mistake here in Malaysia. Here, most of us will instantly ask, 'How many fingers?' a.k.a how many fingers you can put fit in between your fenders and wheels. Uhh.. that was the definition of slamming from the 80's man.. Who said there will be any fingers in the first place?

Then, when they see pictures like this, they'll start assuming. "OH COME ONNN... that car CAN'T DRIFT.. No WAY...... " Hello? Check out those battle scars :p

Then, there'll be the 2nd excuse.. "It's my DAILY CAR....." Swear to God, I'll die to go to work in this even if I have to travel pass an army of speed humps to get to my work place. Remember earlier we were talking about cars like these are unable to drift?

Don't ass-u-me.. This car has less roll compared to your "battle spec" drift machine.. Just need to know how to do it properly. I hate to tell you this.. but, Google actually helped me more than merely understanding chassis geometry settings. Not to mention the great friends I made along the way in the fun world of drifting. Lowering your car can be a mess, but if you'd figure out the science behind the screws, you're on your way. It's no rocket science.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Night Stance

I am so sorry for my absence and the poisonous come back. :p Have a good weekend, see you tomorrow at UITM! I'll drop by for abit.. CAMPUS DORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drinks magically turn hot after you press on the lever!

Many of you that have met me might know that I'm a total sucker for a warm brew of good coffee.. I accidentally stumbled upon this online and I thought I should share this invention with you. It's available with four flavours, latte, mocha, tea and hot chocolate. Some even claims to see smoke coming out from it! And all of it happens in your hands.. Probably go hunt for it after work on Monday. It's available in Cold Storage.. and if you do see it in the petrol kiosk.. Don't hesitate to grab yourself a can!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tiny But Cute



I don’t know what this little guy is but he wasn’t much bigger than a nickel. A baby butterfly or moth? Does anyone know? Click the photos to see them larger.

In The Yard

Busy little guy. Couldn’t get him to sit still.

Day Lily – one mom gave me.

Yarrow and Critters 
Yarrow and critters. Not sure what all they are.

Shrooms – these are tiny but if we start getting more rain I’ll have lots more to take pictures of.  :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ngisi waktu doang...

hey bloggie...udah lama ni gua gk cerita-cerita sama bloggie...hehehe...sekarang gua kelas 8,gua di kelas 8BM...gua udah jadi kakak kelas..dan adek kelas gua super nyebeilin apalagi anak 7BM1..ishhh super nyebelin tingkah nya..nyolot gila ...mereka mantan anak albesd tingkahnya itu selangit..masa ngomong ke kaka kelas bgini "gak mampu beli BB ya?" ihh nyolot bgt kan.kalo gua bakal bilang ke tuh anak "gak mampu beli iPhone ya?" hahahah...sok PAMER gitu...trus ktanya lagi "ih ini sekolah gembel bgt" arghhh !!!lo kalo gak mau sekolah di sini ngapain lo milih sekolah ini??anak albesd kok gitu..kenapa??orang tua lu bangkrut ya gk mampu nyekolahin lu lagi di albesd??hah?hah?kata kakak kelas senior gua anak albesd itu suka ngelabrak KAKAKKELAS astaga!! REALITY CHECK!! sekarang lo bukan anak albesd lagi,lu anak setangs ! di setangs tuh gk ada yg namanya adek kelas ngelabrak kakak kelas..!!lo tuh mantan anak albesd...pliss ya..inget status lo masih anak baru di setangs...n adek kelas ...jadi sopan bisa kan lo?!

hahahah maaf ya kalo agak frontal gini...hahahahah abis nya gua sebel bgt sma mereka...heheh -_______________________________-

Our Four Legged Brats

June Bug
Junior (aka - June and June Bug) is a daddy’s boy and the biggest cry baby cat I’ve ever had. lol.


Autumn (aka – Aud, Audie) She adopted us last October. Showed up starving and needing a place to call home. Likes to dig holes to China and chase anything that moves.


Emma (aka – Em, and Miss Mess) She and Junior are siblings – brother and sister.

Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey - was a half wild cat and has been gone for about a month now. We were very fond of him and it breaks my heart to think he’s gone for good this time. He’s been known to leave us before though … so maybe we’ll get lucky and find him at the back door again one day soon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Horned Toad

toad1 toad2
toad4 toad5
Horny Toads are rough to the touch but have a soft under belly. Much like a lizard. In fact they are related to the lizard family. Their spiny spikes won’t pierce your skin like you might think but you still have to handle them carefully.

The Horned Toad ( we call them Horny Toads) is not poisonous but they have an odd defense. Some can spit blood from their eyes if they feel threatened or cornered. I’ve always known they could do this but had never seen it until trying to free one that got stuck in the chicken wire that lines the bottom of our fence. I was stunned to say the least. So much for being thankful! The little fart.

This little guy (in the photos above) is hanging out in my husbands garden and around his shop, feasting on ants and other small critters. Click the pictures to enlarge them.

More info about Horned Toads here …