Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Beautiful March Day Down By The Bay



2012-03-16 Down By The Bay On A Beautiful March Day

This photo was taken with my Mobile Phone


I got off work early on Friday, and the weather was unbelievable for this time of year. I remember past years in March I was still cross country skiing. Seems we hardly had winter this year. I am not one to usually complain about the weather. I just take it as it comes. Seems each day just goes by too darn quickly.

I had already made up my mind that morning while at work that when I got home I was taking my pony (bike) (for those who don’t know me), for a ride down to the Bay. Hubby had it out and ready to go. I grabbed my camera and off I went. Felt so good to be riding again. It gave me a sense of freedom from the cares of life, with the breeze blowing against my face. It was a warm, sunny day and I felt it’s warmth.

As I road along the Bay I saw geese and ducks flying by, and heard my first Red Winged Black Bird. Lots of turtles lying on driftwood, and rocks sunning themselves. I stopped and listened and admired the view, and then went on my merry way. Some of you would asked did you take a picture. To be honest, not at this time. I was just enjoying the ride , the view, and Natures Songs along the way.

I did finally stop at my Special Place and sat on my favorite bench and looked out over the Bay. The place where I sometimes like to capture the sun rising. It was so quiet accept for nature itself, and so peaceful. It felt wonderful to be sitting there just enjoying the moment.


IMG_9107 My Special Place copy


I did take a few pictures but to be honest I think I am a little out of practice. Ha! Well I did get the dust blown away off my camera, and hopefully will find more time to use it in the near future. :)

My mom is still in the hospital but making progress, and starting to feel better. We are hoping in the near future that she will be home again, and enjoying this wonderful time of year soon to be called Spring. A time for new beginnings. A time of renewed health and strength for her I hope and pray. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement along the way. It means so much to me. More than you will ever know.

Well it is another beautiful sunny warm day. Hubby just made brunch, and now I need to go get ready to go for a little drive, and pack up the cameras just incase something catches my eye. Got to seize the day!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Love and Care

Dianne :) 

I will come and visit and do some catching up when I can. Sorry I haven’t been by and hope you understand.

Many of you remain in my thoughts and prayers , and I am thankful for your friendship. xoxo D.S

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