Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Not so Great Escape

Our salamander made a not so great escape this week.  I think he must have received some ninja training in his life before we found him.  It’s surprising giving his rather profound coloring but let me say that when he doesn’t want to be found he can be very hard to find indeed!  We’ve all grown quite fond of his antics and little personality…not mention it looks like he’s always smiling.  He’s got life pretty good…missing the winter and being fed.  During the winter we get crickets from a local pet store and we feed them well too.  I often put them into a calcium and vitamin powder before feeding him so far he’s really thrived.  He now spends a lot of his time in his aquarium where he’s got a little log and some rocks he can hide in and…his very own pool!  The first picture there shows him thinking it’s past time he was fed again…this one shows him even leaving his pool to give me the ‘ol stare and smile routine to get another cricket!  Well, he has life good but he escaped and though we tore this house up one side and down another we couldn’t find him.  A couple days went by and I was beginning to think that we’d never see him again and then all of a sudden as quickly as he’d disappeared he showed up again!  We literally have no idea where he was but we are very glad to have him back.  We all get a huge kick out of him.

Our weather has taken somewhat of a downturn again with it being gloomy and cooler.  I smile at my own whining here since we’ve had far worse winters…last year in fact was just awful.  This year I really can’t complain.  The snow is now mostly goneand I can now walk without fear of ice that is almost completely gone from the streets and sidewalks.  Looking outside I could almost believe it was fall at this point.  I thought that the ice from the last storm would last until spring but it’s been too warm for that to be so now only a few snow islands remain.  For now Old Man Winter’s bench remains empty…and for that I’m very thankful indeed!

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