Thursday, February 9, 2012


Have you ever had a day that just seems lonely?  I didn’t really feel lonely until I went out and started taking some pictures.  The wind is bitter though it is somehow slowing thawing outside in spite of the chill but it makes it seem even more lonely.  Even the moon seems by itself in the sapphire sky that I love so much.  The light can look far warmer than it is.  Sometimes this can coax me to go out when I normally wouldn’t.  I surely love when the moon is bright and so visible even when it’s the middle of the day or early afternoon.  I glanced down at my lengthening shadow and even that seemed forlorn.  Ironically this path can look very similar if we have a hot dry summer but let me just tell you it was anything but hot with the chill winter wind whistling past my head today.  This decrepit fence still tries to guard the desolate field behind our house no matter the season.  Not even the ditch that will be full and flowing during the spring and summer has even a trickle of a flow right now so it is devoid of the water fowl that are so much fun to watch.  I moved to the front porch hoping to hear at least some wildlife or something but not one bird chirped nor one car or person stirred.  I long for the warmer times when we can go out and have a nice lemonade at our little coffee table but that time is not yet here.  The kids are upstairs eating lunch and Lovely is working at the moment…my only physical companion is Sal the salamander…and he seems to want a nap.  Maybe I should follow his example…

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