Thursday, April 12, 2012

Said and Done…

I have waited until today to post the pictures of Easter until I put up my regular post.  It’s vital to me for the kids to know what the season is all about and they surely do however we let them decorate eggs and get them some little things and candy to enjoy the day.  The three of them had quite a stash to enjoy this year.  These close ups may not be calorie’ve been warned.  This pitcher holds the varieties of candy that would fit…oh my!  Gabby got some cute goodies this year.  I just love the colorful wrappings the candy has.  Just look at this spread!  Going out and taking in the Easter sunrise was well worth it!  There was a regular symphony of birds outside that was an absolute joy to listen to

.  I taught at the church then we came home and hid eggs before our Easter meal.  Hard to hide something with these colors let me tell you.  Maybe they won’t see this…then again I hate to think what these would smell like if they weren’t found.  Some of these were specialty eggs with a little bit of money or special candies in them.  Other eggs were the standard variety…this one became the hood ornament on my Dad’s old jalopy.  The specialty eggs were the most popular of the day I thinkthough they didn’t have that much to them they were new and therefore popular.  I like this shot.  I balanced the egg on a branch in the big pine tree on the side of our house.  We always have a good time as a family with this…Mom often is my chief partner hiding eggs .  Here’s Gabby and my son Mike who turned 13 today…I love these kids so much!  I decided to take some pictures of the stash that Mike and Gabby got.  I noticed Mike’s basket had a lot more blue in it.  Gabby decides to open one of the mystery eggs.  This is one satisfied little girl…just look at that basket.  Mike did well too believe me.  The antelope live the day as they do any otherbut it is by the grace of God that we all live in this world.  All in all I thank God for each day and for those that he’s given me…it’s not all that complicated…in Him I live and move and have my being.

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