Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maybe…Maybe Not…

Today started pretty early for me because I had to bring the car to the garage for a timing belt change and that of course includes a water pump…that time for it so what can I do? My Dad has helped me out because he works part time at Napa making parts much cheaper and for that I thank God and him both.  I see real live eighties in the forecast now!  For today it’s still fighting to decide if it will let the sun shine or not .  I love the heavenly aspect the clouds can get when this battle rages throughout the day…it’s so beautiful!  We are entering our strong storm season…if we have tornadoes it is usually mid May through mid June that are the most dangerous…for now I just relish the scenery the Big Sky country has to offer.  Here’s the panorama from our backyard.  The birds take no notice of the cool breeze or rain…they always sound ecstatic for the season! Sal couldn’t care less about these things…he’s just happy to be alive…love his smile !  Regardless of the struggles…don’t forget to take in the view and breath the air.  I love to see life in such a way where the dark things only frame the better picture that God has in mind!  Blessings to you all!

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