Thursday, January 12, 2012








As I was walking I came upon this sunset.

It was a cold night but I didn’t notice or feel the cold while I admired and focused in on the the radiant light that filled the sky and washed over me.

The trees looked so pretty all dressed in a  lace of silhouettes.

The sky was glowing on the edge of night.

I thought to myself , there is a time for the sun to set and a time for the sun to rise.

It is all part of God’s Plan.

May the sun follow you and make your heart glow.

And may you feel its warmth where ever you go.

And when it’s dark

Just rest in Him.

And remember, The Sun Will Rise Again.

Written by Dianne © dsphotocats




Darkness Gives Way To The Light

 Darkness Gives Way To The Light




I hope you are all doing well.

ox Dianne :)

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