Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Blue in My Grey

My Mom often says that when some blue sky shows through on a gloomy day that it’s enough blue to sew a Dutchman a pair of blue britches.  I haven’t checked about just how much blue that is with my friend in Holland but I dare say there’s enough blue for several pairs of pants no matter where you’re from today.  We’ve taken yet another strange turn with weather warming up enough to make a real mess outside after the foot or so of snow.  It has been a careful tip toe venture to get back to walking again since I’ve had bone spur issues and Mom had her terrible fall on the ice last year so this makes me a bit nervous to say the least but I’ve carefully pushed on…it’s felt really good though the sights right now are all that pretty…just look at the grass that showing now…yuck!  Our backdoor drain is likely to have plenty of work as the melt off continues…it makes me wonder how busy it will be come spring.  Right now there’s every form of moisture you could ever want, snow, ice, water.  This is the kind of ice you want to avoid when you’re out and about.  I know that it’s warming up some when you can actually walk out in the yard and glimpse the lava rocks along the border of the house.  Wet ‘n dry seems to be the theme today.  My favorite stones to stand on while taking pictures over the fence are showing themselves again.  You know a simple thing for me that I use to brighten my day is when things look gloomy…just look up a bit…sometimes the view is a whole lot better.  If not at least it’s a different perspective and I value that.  Even if it’s issues I have with people where there are real differences about things…look up, they’re still people after all and not monsters.  Remember as things heat up as they inevitably will this being an election year…we are Americans before we’re members of a political party. If you are not an American it matters not…we still are under the same sun in spite of our differences.  Looking out over the vast, endless view from our backyard I realize that we’re all just a speck in all of time .

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