Thursday, January 5, 2012

Birthdays and Bizarre Weather

I get weather info from a site that keeps statistics from when they first started doing so here in our state.  Sometimes when I think things are weird…like now for instance I see the actual facts and find that it really has happened before.  It’s been unseasonably warm here…sixties in January is a thing I don’t remember seeing however I see that it did actually come within one degree of that in 2008.  It’s windy where we are and so when it’s windy day after day I just sort of dismiss it…guess what?  We had the second windiest December on record this year…that’s in all recorded history not just from a couple years ago…go figure!  I’ve been struggling to get out and take pictures because of this.  While it is fairly warm it’s terribly windy and very brown and leafless out there.  I bit the bullet and got out there and I also have some b-day shots from Gabby’s 6th birthday so I’m not totally without pictures today.


Gabby has a little t-shirt that I love.  It says “Cute as a Cupcake”.  I found it fitting.  Lovely made her cake this year and it was the largest cupcake I’ve ever seen!  This thing not only looked good but tasted absolutely fantastic!  Lovely has been experimenting with making these things look as good as they taste and I think that the experiment has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams!  Just in case you want to get a better look…and go ahead you can lick your screen if you’d is another view.  Gabby’s birthday is on the last day of the year so we set aside some of the things that otherwise be under the Christmas tree for her birthday.  She didn’t seem to mind at all.  Someone feels like quite the little lady after hitting a whole six years old let me tell you.  Grandma brought Gabby to Build A Bear again this year.  I’m not really convinced that she is all that wild about the idea but she sure seemed happy at the time and that makes it all worth it.  All in all it was a very nice day and we remain so thankful for her life


I said that I got out today and that’s no lie.  The wind is high yet again and the sky looks pretty much as it has for a very long time.  Last night we had a glorious sunset but I was en route to church and had no time to capture it on my camera…ugh, I only wish  I could share it now.  You learn to appreciate fantastic sunsets when so much that you see day to day is brown, blue and white.  Our trees remain leafless though the temperatures are quite spring-like…it’s amazing to me how they know it’s not time to come to life yet.  Our pine tree is a splash of green in a very brown world.  I can’t wait to see the fields turn green again but for now it’s amber waves of grain and all you can hear is the wind whistling in your ears and the fence creaking in protest.

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