Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfulness Is a Lifestyle

Today is a beautiful day with temperatures that I thought sure would not be around again until next year.  The snow has mostly melted and it’s Thanksgiving, I’m very grateful to God for another day to live and love.  I don’t think I’ll have the pictures of our bountiful feast until after Thanksgiving but let me tell you it smells like heaven about now!  Aside from the trees being barren it looks like an earlier day in fall today.  I love going out and just letting things capture my eye as I hold my camera.  I like organic photography quite a bit.  Gratitude for the moment we’ve been given brings out the best pictures if you ask me.  Sometimes I go out and find things still growing that surprises me.  I was actually going behind our backyard fence to take pictures of some of the leaves therewhen this mushroom caught my eye.  You just never know what you might find if you look for it.  Here the weather can be deceptive because it can be warm…much like today and then very suddenly be brutally cold.  Some of the leaves were yet again shocked this year…not knowing whether to simply die or change colors.  We had some trees that changed in only a couple of days leaving us with some brilliant yellows to enjoy.  All of this leads me inevitably to the cat tails in the pond not far from our back yard.  I think they age beautifully don’t you…at least they age with some personality!  All of this gets me into the mood for the season we are in.  Winter really isn’t my favorite season but without it I doubt spring, summer and fall would be there so I’m thankful for it none the less.  I’ve lived in countries that don’t have the changing of the season..except adding rain to the heat and it’s a whole different thing.  I am now in a land of profound seasonal shifts so I’ll take the cue from the plants and animals and move along with it.  Living next to the prairie makes me learn to love the colors even if they are hues of brown and gold…after this makes the blue sky and clouds all the more beautiful.  My grandmother on my Mom’s side used to dry and press flowers but here in the field nature does it naturally.  I’m thankful because I am able to go out and see this.  I’m thankful to have a beautiful family that I love dearly…they stick out in a dreary world much like this colorful late blossom.  I’m grateful for those that God has placed in my life that make my perspective far more amazing then if I did not know them.  I’m thankful for all that makes this life so colorful and amazing.  Above all I’m grateful to God for His kindness and amazing love for us.  I don’t have to understand or know what I’m looking at to be appreciate its beauty.  This is the gift of faith that God has given.  I may not know everything or even close to it but I know the One who does.  May this gratitude fill you all, not just for today but every day.  May it be our lifestyle.  Happy Thanksgiving all!

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