Friday, November 11, 2011

A package of Givenchy show in Paris-Listers

                                   A package of Givenchy show in Paris-Listers

Actresses and models Liv Tyler, Naomi Campbell JulietteBinoche and packaging of the first row at the end of the night forGivenchy ready-to-wear fashion show in Paris on Sunday.

U.S. rapper Kanye West who launched on Saturday its own line of fashion in Paris, the French rapper Joey Starr and singerCiara has also proven a look to see the spring and summer has gone from pink to black, khaki, and leopard through .

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova opened the show in the courtyard of a high school in Paris, with her hair down in a head to toe look pale pinkbutton-down shirt and pants with tuxedopants zipper open in the calf .

Givenchy style Italian director Riccardo Tisci sent in the same color suits who played in the layers of opaque and transparentfabrics.

Tuxedos are modified as hand wraps, lined with silk or crocodile and thick silver pendants suggesting a shark's tooth, is used in amini-shorts and flat heel sandals.

Painted with a tear in the corner of my eye, the latest black dressdesigns registered in large curved ruffles on the chest, and cut into a circle in which they reveal a pure skirt below.

Three held with silver sequins were followed by the neoprene, the material used for wetsuits, light khaki, sometimes with leopard print.

And three skirts attached to a shoulder or around the neck with a metal chain as a purse.

Finally, it was silk, suede jackets and shiny like the one worn byBrazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, at the end of the show.

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