Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Chipmunk Gang

I suppose I’m not alone in loving the Apple Dumpling Gang back in the day…remember that Disney gang?  I used to love Tim Conway in that role with Don Knotts.  We had a gang of our own when we were at the cabin and they were a comedy routine let me tell you!  We didn’t see much for big game except for one moose but for what the chipmunks lacked in size the made up for in personality.  These were a very small variety…so small in fact that they liked to get up in the tall grass while they chewed on the seeds and nuts they could find or that we gave them.  I loved looking down from the deck to watch these amusing little fellows move about their day.  Usually I find the smaller variety of chipmunk to be more skittish but these let me get quite close to photograph them.  Good things really do come in small packages!  Notice those little paws!  They could open any seed with those and their tiny little teeth.  Today I spent much of the day at the garage with the car yet again.  I think we may have found the issue.  My dad can get the part via Napa where he works…he loves working part time and getting parts at a huge discount.  This is a small package to solve what I thought was a big problem…so once again the Chipmunk Gang’s motto:  good things comes in small packages is shown to be true

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