Thursday, October 6, 2011

Worth the Cost

Have you ever been through things that got so complex and difficult that you wondered if it was worth the cost?  We’ve had a very difficult week here with my dear bro from Africa.  There were missed flights…in fact he just missed his flight out of here…how you can do that from our tiny airport I do not know…it is how it is.  We coupled all this with meetings at our church which my bro spoke at and I tell you the meetings seemed very tough then the nights were plagued with evil dreams and when we woke up we felt like we’d been fighting at the gates of hell all night long.  Sometimes even the victory of such battles must be taken by faith.  Seeing the growing turmoil in New York with the protest to me shows that we are in a fight for our very survival.  I don’t know how far those things will go but I pray that God’s will shines forth and I know in the long run God always wins.  It is God’s destination that we will arrive at.  Looking back at my pictures of our trip in the summer I sense almost a blissful feeling of peace. 


One of the most exciting things about our cabin excursions for the kids for sure is the cooking over the camp fire…especially if that entails such things as s’mores!  I know one little girl particularly likes these activities.  I have to admit I am not sure if it’s the actual eating of these monstrosities that the kids like or the whole marshmallow roasting process!  Lovely always likes the light in the evenings so we took the time to take some pictures after our desert.  I love the quick storms that pass leaving wonderful clouds in their wake.  I admit that I really like the light on summer evenings.  I love how the sun has sort of a golden tint to it.  It makes things look different than any other time of day.  The little golden butterflies love to settle down for the evening making them easy targets for camera lenses.  That light really brings out the magic don’t you think?  I like how even the hairs on this butterfly show up under this light.  Here I stood when I witnessed Montana’s burning bush.  I really love when the Lord shows something so beautiful that it could only be Him…this struck me just so.  This bush was just another shrub but seeing it in just the right light made it quite spectacular to me.  I treasure the moment and trust it ministered to you dear friends.  Next we move on to the next cabin.  It will be the last in my archives so I will have to get going on some news stuff…

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