Thursday, October 13, 2011

Axolotl Lake Cabin

It’s been a delight going through the pictures from our summer excursions and now we finally arrive at the last set of pictures I have from the last cabin we stayed at.  This cabin was actually a wilder setting than the other oneThe view from the deck (seen above) was breathtaking and a wonderful place from which to greet the morning.  We expected great things with wildlife but aside from the moose we saw at a distance and a lot of chipmunks and and owl it was relatively quite in this regard.  The flowers were a real joy to witness however.  I also always enjoy the wild grass that grows all over in Montana.  Our cabin sat on top of a hill that looked down onto some really gorgeous scenery.  This area had many small lakes to enjoy in every direction.  Look even weeds can have a bad hair day!  There’s just something about the delicate hues of wildflowers that I can never get enough of.  I wonder if this bumble bee is the butt of a lot of jokes!  The thistle in this area was really large and attracted a lot of insects.  Leaving the game trails could have some hazzards.  Those of you that have complained of the heat in your area…have a look at this:  .  The snow never left some areas this year…makes me wonder what the winter will hold for us this year.  Yes, this is moose country!  These blossoms look deceptively large in this photo.  These hearty flowers were all over the areaMy guess is this windblown peak has seen its share of storms.  Many of the stones in the area were sporting handsome orange colors.  I truly love Montana!  The tangled growth here was trying to reclaim this rock…it can easily trip the unwary hiker.  Garter snakes frequent the little lakes but aside from that it was amazingly quiet.  This is the kind of stone that beckons a person to sit and soak up the view!  A pleasant gathering of Susans!  Sometimes I wonder who decided to put up the fences and how long they stretch on beyond where I’m standing.  Every cloud has a silver lining while other clouds are completely silver!  May your blessings bloom brightly!

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