Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Patriot's Prayer © Margaret Griswold-Scheiding

When the gen’ral told us
that we must all be strong,
I knew that he was truthful
our cause could not be wrong.
The redcoats in our village
had told us otherwise;
the gen’ral said “Don’t listen,
for what they speak is lies.
We knew this time was coming,
this time of blood and war,
but sometimes men of conscience
have things worth fighting for.”

As I look ‘round I notice
some neighbors quake with fear,
for lives will soon be given;
we knew this coming here.
But fear can only weaken
and compromise the just
and we must sally onward,
to fight this day we must.
A monarch in another land
with unjust rule has sworn
that we shall all die fighting,
in shame, each one, this morn.

My wife at home is waiting
with courage in her heart;
she, too, has seen this moment
when war keeps us apart.
She stands with me in spirit,
and does so even now.
I promised I’d return to her;
God, let me keep that vow.
For it is for my fam’ly
and ev’ry neighbor dear
I stand and hold this musket
and know I may die here.

The fife and drum are sounding--
they thunder in my ear--
my heart shrugs off the terror
I’ve no more use for fear.
Within my breast is growing
resolve most strong and true,
reminding me of freedom
and that which I must do.
Dear God, will they remember
some day when we are gone,
that lives today were given
that freedom might live on?

Oh, let there never come again
a time when tyrants scorn
the freedom of the common man
the life to which he’s born:
a life of work to prosper,
to gain a better life;
a life worthwhile and decent
to share with child and wife.
If we must die, if need be,
dear God, grant us thy peace
and let this day in mem’ry live,
that tyranny may cease.

July 4th, 2011

Lest we forget...

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