Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby, baby, baby, ohh...god, kill me now!

We lived through The Wiggles.  We didn't mind Sesame Street or the Backyardigans.  I actually enjoy the soundtrack to "Princess and the Frog."  But this?  THIS?


And mind you, this has not been brought into our house by Pixie.  Oh no.  This is alllll Wonderboy.  Remember those book order things you would get at school?  The ones that were printed on thin newsprint paper with the teeny-tiny ordering lines on the back? Yeah. So he brings one home a month or so ago and shows us what he wants.  The Justin Bieber "super pack."  Including! A book, stickers and...wait for entire CD!  Get it now for the low, low price of twelve dollars!  Kid actually took money out of his piggy bank to pay for it.  'Cause hell to the NO were we going to buy it for him.  The Mr. and I kept pressing him, "Are you surrrre that's what you want?  Look at some of the other books you could get!  You could get all these other books for $12."

Didn't work.  Book orders came in a week ago.  The Mr. refuses to let him play the CD in his car.  He's the smart one.  Me? I'm the pushover.  But it's testing my ever-loving patience.  It's SO painful. I'm even past the point where it's cute when WB and Pixie sing along.  That lasted exactly one car ride, actually. 

Send help!

And Duran Duran!

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