Monday, March 14, 2011

On Laurie’s Farm


Wow, has it been a wild, crazy and fun couple months! I don’t even know where to start! It’s what I get for waiting so long to blog. lol. Keeping it short and sweet … I had a friend on my Facebook for a year or more before we found out we lived only 20 minutes down the road from each other. Not only that … but both our husbands were in FFA together as young boys!  Is that crazy or what? So Laurie called and wanted me to come out to her place. We instantly connected, enjoying each others company and are so comfortable around each other … so much so, that she has been to my house in her pajamas! lol. I love it! These are pictures of her and Barney’s farm animals that I took on our first visit together. I was lucky enough to also catch the birth of a goat! That was pretty wild because Laurie and I were standing next to the pen talking for like 15 minutes before either of us realized this goat was giving birth!  If you’re on Facebook you can check out the whole album of photos here …

To top this off … Laurie and I went on one wild and crazy adventure helping her friends get on the History Channel’s tv show “American Pickers”! You can read all about it on my FB notes. Check it out here …

but I will at least share my autographed picture from Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz here.   :)

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