Friday, June 18, 2010

Hawks Nest Continued …

Hawk Nest1

Well it’s official! We do have some kind of hawk on the nest! These are not the best pictures but this old dead scraggly tree is quite a ways out in the field. Even with my kick-ass Canon Rebel camera and the 55x250 lens - I still don’t have enough zoom power! Are we photographers ever really happy with the amount of zoom we have? I’m beginning to think not. lol.

Hawk Nest2

The temp gadget on my rearview mirror in my truck was reading 101. This poor bird!! You gotta feel sorry for her! Not a speck of shade anywhere.

Hawk Nest5

Looks like she needed to adjust a little here. I have no clue if the eggs have hatched yet or not. Would love to be lucky enough to see a couple of babies next time I go by.

Hawk Nest4  Hawk Nest3

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