Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Create 3D Animation Movies on a Budget?

Want to produce your own 3D animation and think you can't do it without nail-gnawing hours struggling with technical stuff and spending a small fortune on 3D animation software? I got some good news...

When we look at Pixar and Disney movies, we naturally think, Wow, all that CGI (computer generated imaging) must take a ton of money to produce. You'd be right. But you'd be wrong to think you couldn't do something like a Pixar movie for yourself at home.

The Coolest Animated Movies Of All Time

1. Fantasia - This Disney classic was ambitious and because of the outbreak of World War Two during its production it lost the large European market essential to its breaking even. It was in its rerelease in 1969 to a new generation of music lovers that it first made a financial profit.

2. Pinocchio - Disney pulled the stops out for this one having geared up by producing Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. It is the film considered by most old time Disney animators as Disney's masterpiece.

3. Bambi - This soft, lyrical film used impressionistic back ground paintings and realistic animal characters. Realistic looking, they were still anamorphic and it's still a little disturbing to hear the owl called "friend owl" by his potential food source.

Computer Animation: How It's Changed Everything

The computer has basically revolutionized how we as a society go about our everyday lives. We check our email, go on Facebook, read the news and search for videos on YouTube. In animation school, it became apparent that the old fashioned way of animating was becoming a thing of the past. Not necessarily so: some animators still go the old fashioned route, but computer animation and computer generated effects have pretty much changed the way animation and films are made.

3D Animation: A Virtual-Reality Tour

3D has become an inevitable part of life and it's becoming popular by day. CGI (Computer Graphics Imagery) or widely known as the 3D Animation process, creates special effects in movies, arts, video games, mobile games, television programs, and commercials. The 3D images are not hand drawn, but are mostly generated using specific 3D software. The structure being built on three axes provides- vertical, horizontal, and the depth effects. These three, clubbed together gives in a third dimension to the structure. Lately, we are seeing much advancement made in the animation industry like the 3D effects being used extensively for animated films, movies, games, interactive sessions, mobile technology, and much more. With the arrival of computer games, the computer graphics technology has advanced towards real-time rendering quality. 3D computer graphics has started appearing in games.

What is Animation?

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what animation really is. It may to have a lot to do with history and the unclear terminology associated with different types of media. Let's just start with the basic definition of the word. Depending on your source of information and associated language, the word "animate" alludes to the concept of life, to give life to, to breathe, soul, spirit, wind, the action of breathing, the illusion of life. What we have lost in the definition of animation is that soul.