Thursday, June 30, 2011

NBA All-Star Never Fashion Out: Kobe vs. LeBron

Kobe Bryant scored 37 points & earned his record-tying fourth MVP award at last night's NBA All-Star Game.

LeBron James, meanwhile, led the Eastern Conference to an unexpected comeback in the fourth quarter & recorded the second triple double in the history of this storied exhibition game.

But the actual battle between the best players in the league took place prior to the game, as Kobe & LeBron both walked the T-Mobile sponsored red carpet in Los Angeles. Which baller slam-dunked his opponent in a match-up of fashion choices? You tell us.

Academy Awards Never Fashion Out: Lindsay Lohan's vs. Natalie Portman

Lindsay Lohan goes to court a lot and looks so FINE doing a perp walk, they cannot help but analyze her courtroom couture every other month or so.

Natalie Portman belongs to an exclusive club.

No, they are not referring to Best Actress winners, although Portman did take home that trophy at last night's Academy Awards and Berry did the same in 2001.

But those honors are nothing compared to the inclusion of these beauties in a THG Fashion Face-Off. Below, we have posted picas of both Halle and Natalie on the red carpet. Whose dress do you prefer? Who pulled off her look better?

BET prizes Never Fashion Out: Justin Bibber vs. Jaden Smith

Chris Brown may have dominated the BET Awards on stage last night, but a pair of young studs caught everyone's attention on the red carpet.

That is where they found Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith, both looking as cute as ever & both posting for photographers.

Justin would later present Best Male Hip Hop Artist to Kanye West, flirting with Nicki Minaj & saying he could handle her curves. Yikes! Watch that awkward video HERE & then vote below:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bird Feeder Café Series by Dianne @ dsphotocats

IMG_3565 Woodpecker&Starling copy

Knock Knock …….

IMG_3590 Black Bird

Who’s There?

IMG_3618 Starling
What’s this, a role call or something?

Can’t I just eat with a little peace and quiet?

After all it’s Saturday

and I had a long week at the office.

IMG_3665_1 Woodpeckers
Do you think they will miss us at the feeder this morning?

I say,”What the world needs now is Love Sweet Love”. 

Now wouldn’t that just knock your talons off!!! 

If everyone loved,everyone.

Dianne © dsphotocats

The True Meaning Of Love

 4Love is patient and kind.
Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5
or rude.
It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable,
and it keeps no record of being wronged.
It does not rejoice about injustice
but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.
Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful
and endures through every circumstance. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

The Inspired Word Of God

God has a very high standard of Love.
He Himself demonstrated True Love on the cross
where Jesus gave His Life,
that we could live by being born again, Spiritually.
There is no one in all the earth or universe
that can claim such Love, as God, our Creator.


 We know what real love is because
Jesus gave up his life for us.
So we also ought to give up our lives
for our brothers and sisters.
1John 3:16


So now I am giving you a new commandment:
Love each other. Just as I have loved you,
you should love each other. John 13:34



As I read these verses, I see how
I have come short of God’s Standard.
but I know He loves me, and because of His Grace I am saved
and I pray that His Love will shine through me,
and my love will shine through to others.
He is the source of Love in it’s purest form.

Thank you one and all, who have taken the time to read my blog,
and for those who leave your heart prints by leaving a comment.

May you have a wonderful day and God be with you.

Also, my mom is doing well after her surgery.
and I spend as much time with her as I can.
Baby Hope is doing amazingly well,
and is growing stronger every day.
She now ways approx. 6lbs.
Thank you all who have prayed for my mom and Hope,
and my family, and for me also.
Prayer is such an act of Love, and as one friend said,
Prayers are treasures sent to Heaven.
God sees them all when we come to Him with a sincere heart,
and humbly before Him.

Please remember Carole, our dear sister,
who fell and broke her wrist, and injured her knees.
She has prayed for so many of us, in our time of need

I realize this post is long,
but I guess you could say I am making up for lost time,
as my life is full, and very busy most of the time.
I hope to come and visit you all real soon.

Love and Care

Dianne :)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Hope Has Arrived Home Today




Sweet Dreams



DSCF6141_Daddy's Little Girl Hope

Daddy’s Little Girl



These photos were taken on Sunday Morning when I went with my son for Hope’s Feeding.

She no longer has her tube in and was released from the hospital today and is home with her family. She weighs in at 5 lbs. and is now 57weeks old. What a miracle she is.

Thank you Jesus for this precious gift you have given  us to love and cherish. Thank you for answered prayers.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and support during the weeks leading up to this happy day.

God Bless each and everyone of you.

xox Dianne :)

Dianne © dsphotocats

On A Bright August Day

On A Bright August Day © Marge Griswold-Scheiding

Gertie sighed, folded the newspaper whose contents had inpired the sigh, and threw it into the wastebasket in the corner of the kitchen. It never ceased to amaze her how human beings could be so cavalier with their lives and those of others; between murders, aggravated assaults, and wars, it seemed to her that human ingenuity peaked in those instances. There were so many ways to hurt people, particularly nameless strangers, and it seemed to her that more money spent on saving lives, rather than taking them in the cleverest of ways, was a situation not likely to happen in her lifetime.

Her gaze lifted to a framed photo montage on the wall opposite where she sat and rested on her favourite image of herself, back in the 70's, love beads around her neck and colorful peasant costume hanging on her then-lanky frame. Her hair was long, full, and braided back then, her eyes clear and bright, and her outlook one of hopeful optimism. My, she thought, how times have changed since then...

Hers had been a dream of changing the world and a part of her had never abandoned the dream entirely, but life experience had taught her over the years that things are what they are and would most likely never change. The sit-ins and letter-writing campaigns of her youth had netted only self-serving lip service from authority figures, and contempt from others who simply didn't understand. Still, she'd persisted like the bumblebee in flight, unaware that laws of physics insisted that such flight is impossible.

For a moment her mind wandered back to other times, other hopes, and she again strolled New York City's Central Park in the company of other flower children. The music was great then, at one wise and wacky, and the lyrics throbbed with both condemnation and rampant optimism.

For a moment, The Beatles' "all you need is love" echoed in her ears and she shook her head at the once-beautiful notion. Life amongst both strangers and loved ones had not borne those words true; love was never enough. As she'd grown older and jaded by repeated disappointment, it occurred to her that love--and the hope and expectations of love--resolved nothing and created more turmoil than contentment. Lennon and McCartney couldn't have fallen farther from the essential truth of life.

The loud noise of an explosion of some sort outdoors snapped her attention back into the present and she glanced down at her arms, dimpled and scarred with old needle tracks, not from illicit drugs, but pharmaceutical agents intended to prolong her cancer-buggered life. She'd read somewhere that long-standing negativity could cause human illness; perhaps it was true.

The chemo's progress had been slow and, for a time, appeared to be doing its work, but a relapse of symptoms declared that other forces were at work in her biological universe. When the unfortunate proclamation was stated that she had weeks, perhaps months, of life remaining, she resolved to face it with the same stubborn stoicism which had allowed her to survive this long.

"Miracles happen,"one well-meaning friend had declared.

"New therapies are always in the works,"offered another, and Gertie had never had the heart to disagree, but simply smiled and whispered grateful words.

The day before, she'd made a decision, one which had hidden in the back of her mind for decades, inspired by a photograph she'd seen in Life Magazine back when she was still young and able to appreciate its poignancy. A Tibetan monk, clad in the saffron-yellow robes of his discipline, sat, head bowed as his body was consumed by flames, the black smoke billowing around him and heavenward, rising amid the crackles and sparks of a thousand prayers for peace.

At her elbow sat a cigarette lighter, a old lover's Zippo, no longer shiny, its case tarnished and scuffed from years of use, the flint newly replaced and the fuel reservoir full. She'd fished out from the dark recesses of her closet a billowy flowered dress she'd worn during a peaceful demonstration against the Viet Nam conflict, and smoothed its soft fabric over her chemo-bloated arms; the gauzy fabric still felt soft and smelled ever-so-faintly of patchouli. She'd taken a stand that day years ago and spent six hours in jail as a result, but had made a few friends with whom she'd remained in contact to this day, and it was with their support she'd made the decision which faced her.

Her hand reached for and grasped the pen on the kitchen table before her, the other pulled a sheet of stationery near and she began to write:

"Dear Mr. President..."

The words poured forth like so many butterflies in migration, wings fluttering, colors bright orange and red against azure summer skies. The words sang hope and peace, intoned grim admonitions, and offered encouragement on behalf of a troubled planet. On and on she wrote, until four sheets of paper were inscribed on both sides with handwriting measured and elegant. They were the words of a woman who had nothing to lose any longer. Once finished, she read the letter, blinked back the last of the tears left inside her, and tore it asunder.

Picking up the Zippo, Gertie stood, pressed the plunger on the pain-medication dispenser for one last numbing dose, disconnected herself from the pump, and stepped out into the bright August day for her date with destiny.

Monday, June 13, 2011

then and now by marge griswold-scheiding

once i the crusader
had my say
lost a few friends
and my share of sleep

hours at the computer
conspiracy sites
soaked it up
then wrung it out
and i changed nothing

back then i was compelled
to dig for answers
i scrounged
and angry
until i stopped
and found my own truth

when tormented day's done
railing minds wear down
and rest
for anger
serves no one
but those few souls
who authored the rage

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby Hope


The Beginning Of Hope’s Journey


The Beginning Of A Long Journey_ Hope

255707_10150626459225307_772425306_18533641_1887431_n[1] copy



Don’t give up Hope

The answers to Prayer

are on the way!






A wee bit of heaven
drifted down from above-
A handful of happiness,
a heart full of love.
The mystery of life,
so sacred and sweet-
The giver of joy
so deep and complete.
Precious and priceless,
so lovable, too-
The world’s sweetest miracle,
baby, is you.
~ Helen Steiner Rice



Baby Hope


You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in Your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.
~ Psalm 139:16



I want to thank all of you who have prayed, and those who will continue to pray for Baby Hope, and her mommy and daddy, and her siblings, and family.

It has been a rough, hard journey thus far but each day she is getting a little stronger as she continues to grow. Hope is now 36wks. old and weighs 4lbs 15oz.. It is hard to believe that under normal circumstances, she would be still in her mommy’s womb.

Hope is out of the NICU, and is in a Special Care Unit at this time. She still has her feeding tube in but is starting to breast feed as well. She tires easily and has a way to go before she can go home to her loving family. Please remember her mom in your prayers, as she faithfully goes in every three hours to feed her little one, and mommy and daddy are very tired beyond words, and will be glad when Hope can be with them at home.

Hang in there Sandra, and David. I am so very proud of you both. Take a day at a time, and you will get through these trying days, and soon look back and see just how far you all have come.  You are not alone, and many are filling in the gap by praying that God will give you the strength to do all you have to do. Don’t give up Hope, for the answers are on the way.

Thank you Jesus for Hope, our little Miracle which is a Gift from above. Watch over her as she grows. May she be healthy and strong, and may your hand be upon her all the days of her life. May we always be thankful, for the great things you have done. May we count our Blessings, one by one. Amen



I hope to find you all well and thank you for your encouraging words, and prayers. They mean more than you will ever know. May God Bless each one of you.

I haven’t been able to blog for awhile. Lots still going on. My mom is recovering from her surgery, and I have been helping her as much as I can. Please remember her in your prayers also if you feel lead to do so. She has chronic kidney disease, but is still able to live on her own with help.

Well that’s  about it for now. I will end with this verse of scripture that has helped me .  I have my share of ups and downs, like everyone else, but God has seen me through them all, and He is my Strength and Strong Hold. I am weak but He is Strong. I am imperfect and God is Perfect in everyway. He is my Help.

Mathew 11 vs 28,29,30

28.Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest in your souls. 30. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.


I hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend.

xoxo Dianne :)


Dianne © dsphotocats

Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebrity top Hairstyles for Long curly Hairstyles 2011

Latest 2011 best Celebrity long wavy hairstyles of pics are specialized in wavy long hairstyles. For ladies with wavy hair, definitely try stylist to locate that positive who understands how to cuts hairstyles with curls since it constitutes a difference. In order to pick these wavy curly hair styles print these pica & take these pica your barber. Wavy hairstyles look incredible for any occasion. But some people with naturally curly hair often would like to pick straight hair & also the opposite using the straight hair people. There's various kinds of curly wavy hairstyles obtainable shorter wavy hair, longer bouncy wavy hairstyles, medium wavy hairstyles plenty of.

Try numerous styling practices for distinct hairstyles. Celebrity long wavy hairstyles 2011 are below. Long wavy hairstyles look great for any occasion. But plenty of people with naturally curly hair often desires to go for straight hair & the opposite with the straight hair styles people. You can see here the best celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker has long wavy hair in style with a fringe, or bangs. Her hair color is brown with blonde highlights. Celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker showed off her long wavy hairstyles

Top summer 2011 Haircuts Fashion Images

Best shaggy style is a hairstyle that is messed up intentionally to get the get out of bed look. The shaggy hairstyles are here for a long time but still are modern and you can see a number of the cutest celebrities wearing this type of haircut. The shaggy hairstyle looks great for short medium and long hair; here you can see hairstyles and tips for how to wear the best short shaggy hairstyles. A lovely short shaggy hairstyle it’s not simple to get so you require visiting a lovely hair salon. The hairstylist working on it require to be exceptionally expert at it, will know the right style to fit your hair volume, face shape and the hairstylist will know where and when to remove hair and where to add volume to narrow hair.

Use sharp edges and dimensional volume and also blazing bangs/fringe, this short shag hairstyle is smoking hot! One of the best ladies haircuts for 2011 is the black shag haircut with shoulder length that you can see at man y celebrities and looks amazing. Shag haircut makes use of huge layers thereby adding some volume to hairs. For late partying, you will never find such a pretty hairstyle. In the event you require keeping yourself with latest fashion trend without much maintenance, you ought to definitely go for medium bob style haircut, for adding flare, you are free to make use of sheen, lovely curvature and some heavy bangs.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Deja vu..?

Just a quick catch-up, guys...

Blogger keeps prompting me to sign in whenever I attempt to leave comments for you and, after several rounds of signing-in and entering the word verification codes, I'm still not having any luck connecting with your blogs' comments sandboxes..

It may be a settings issue on my end of things, so I'll have a looksee and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Thing is, when you go to Blogger for help, their idea of "help" is about as frustrating and convoluted as Spaces' ever was.

I am visiting around; just wondering what happened to Blogger during the past weeks' inactivity on my part.

Feels like deja vu of a sort I really don't want to go through all over again...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Haircuts Fashion models Hairstyles

There are the increasingly popular twists, braids, weaves, cornrows & dreads that celebrate cultural styles & natural black hair textures which have the added benefit of being much simpler to maintain. In the event you are transitioning to a natural hair style from a chemical treated look, think about a straw set.

There are so plenty of techniques for black hairstyles today. Short, long, in braids, or with a weave, your hair has its own unique style, & it is your greatest accessory. The best black hair styles are designed to take advantage of black hair is unique characteristics. Black hair is more fragile than most, requiring tender, loving care. The follicles & hair shaft are tightly bowed, making a naturally curly or kinky texture. With less oil production, black hair also tends to become dry & basically knotted.

In a straw set, you use drinking straws or tiny perm rollers to wrap your hair in ringlets. Cornrow braiding, glues used to apply extensions, use of hair relaxers & other popular services may lead to hair & scalp issues. For females who favor Afros for a natural look, use of a pick to lift hair at its bushiest spots may cause destroy.

Fashion Models Hair Style Pictures :

2011 Fashion Hair Style Trends :

Chloe Sunglasses + White Fur Jacket + Balenciaga Bag

Stacks of accessories can seem too much, but when everything else is too much, it's just enough. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011