Monday, March 15, 2010

Post-Season Thoughts

Yeah, it was a rough one... for all of us. The team didn't quite do what they were hoping they would do... and the same goes for me. I absolutely sucked at updating the blog... and especially at publishing all of the freshmen interviews (although I didn't receive all of them back!! But I guess I didn't pursue the matter either). This has probably been the busiest year of my life though and I apologize to all (fifteen) of my readers, especially Yager, for that.

It got off to a promising start when the Huskies were packing some offensive punch there for a short while. We put up 5 goals on NMU (Yay Olson hatty!) and five goals on CC. But of course much of the time, we just weren't doing enough to win. In the first half, the penalty kill was one of the most atrocious things I've ever seen...but that became MUCH improved with the second half of the season. And here's something to think about: We were shut out once this season. ONCE!! I've never seen us shut out so few times in a season. As a Tech fan, there's little that I hate more than seeing my team not manage to come up with on goal in sixty minutes of hockey. That was one bright spot this year.

And just like last year, we were an injury-plagued team. What a difference it could make if we could consistently dress a full team. But for so many games this season, that just didn't happen.

No matter what results this team brought, however... there were always those Husky fans that continued their support... regardless of the number of W's earned. Unfortunately, yes, the attendance at the MacInnes was down this season. However, there were still Husky faithful that made it to every game. Among those Husky faithful... the cream of the crop, the Pride of Pastyland, the Second Best Feeling in the World: the Michigan Tech Huskies Pep Band. The Huskies Pep Band doesn't care what the record of any of their teams are. They were be there to support their teams no matter how shitty their season is. So here's a word FROM the wise... THANK THEM for their support. Appreciate and embrace them for everything that have done for you...and sticking with you no matter what. Be grateful that you even have them there for you game in and game out at home. Enjoy them and be happy with them, rather than joining a facebook group called, "Tech pep band needs to shut the fuck up." Because if that's how you really feel and you're willing to make those feelings public, maybe you should just go play for your favorite team, Minnesota-State Mankato.